Lower-end price tags can actually deter people from purchasing exercise bikes. Schwinn’s Airdyne AD2 sure is more affordable than others, but at Fitness Brain we take a close look at everything. Check out our Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Dual Action Air Cycle Review for the facts.

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Schwinn is a household name when it comes to exercise bikes and good-quality home fitness equipment. Their Airdyne range has three variants with the AD2 being the entry-level model.

But before letting it’s cheaper price tag put you off, be sure to read our full Schwinn Airdyne AD2 review right here as it may make you think twice before opting for a more expensive model.

The focus of the Airdyne AD2 is on functionality and usability above all else. It has a relatively low price point that is reflected in the lack of bells and whistles, but it focuses on providing a good old-fashioned upper and lower body cardio workout and it does that very well.

If you are looking for something with multiple monitors, Bluetooth connectivity and another app to add to your fitness folder on your smartphone then you might want to look elsewhere – but if you want a good-quality machine that will stand the test of time and provide you with a tough workout, then the AD2 could be just what you’ve been looking for.

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Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Specifications

The Schwinn Airdyne AD2 is a cross between a cross trainer and an exercise bike. It features two moving arms that you can push and pull to provide an upper body workout as well as a lower body workout. In fact, you can even opt for just an upper body or just a lower body workout (which we will discuss in more detail shortly).

The Airdyne AD2 centres around its patent pending fan which is used to provide air resistance.

Air bikes do not require multiple levels of resistance as the resistance increases the faster and harder you pedal (and push and pull, in this instance). The AD2 will progressively increase the difficulty level the more you pedal, and after a good week of testing we found that the resistance felt as a result of the fan was ideal and easy enough to vary from easy to difficult levels.

Ultimately, this air bike has what feels like infinite levels of resistance and is only limited by the effort you put in.

First impressions of the AD2 are that it is well made and constructed with high-quality components. This is what we have come to expect from Schwinn and it means that from the peddles to the saddle and the frame itself, you will find everything is solidly constructed and has a high-quality feel.

The saddle is worthy of particular mention as it has a good amount of padding which makes it comfortable to sit on for longer than your average saddle. The pedals and the foot grips are also particularly well made and make you feel perfectly secure with no risk of your feet slipping.

Weighing in at 44kg, the Airdyne AD2 is the lightest of all the Airdyne models although it does have the capacity to hold a lighter maximum user weight at just 113kg. If you weigh heavier than this then you may wish to consider the AD6 or AD8 models that can hold 136kg and 160kg respectively.

The AD2 is the smallest of the three Airdyne models which is mainly due to it featuring a smaller display than its bigger siblings. The dimensions stand at 117cm x 64cm x 127cm which makes it pretty compact and a useful piece of home cardio kit.

The high contrast display on the AD2 is pretty simple, but it performs its job well with key data readouts including speed, distance, calories burned, time and revolutions per minute all displayed in real time. The screen performs well even in direct sunlight.

There is a wide base that provides a good level of stability for this bike and there are transport wheels located to the front which allow it to be easily moved when you want to use it. This is ideal for moving it to a corner of a room when not in use and is very easy to do.

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Using The Schwinn Airdyne AD2

In use, the AD2 provides a versatile workout considering the simplicity of its design and functionality. The main function of it is like any usual exercise bike and you can use it as such if you wish by simply not using your upper body with the two moveable arms.

Alternatively you can opt for a sole upper body workout by placing  your feet on the stationary foot pegs located at the bottom of each arm. You can also of course use both upper and lower body simultaneously for a full body workout.

The resistance levels provided by the Airdyne AD2 are stern enough to provide a challenge at all levels thanks to the high-strength air fan. Air bikes are ideal as they have a limitless level of challenge and enable you to adapt in an instant without needing to change fiddly settings on the machine.

Even when using the Airdyne AD2 at high speed with both upper and lower body movements, we found the unit to be incredibly stable and it is surprisingly comfortable to use. Shorter people might find it difficult to reach the arms without over-stretching, but most people will have no problem using this machine comfortably.

The display is basic but well positioned, and we would have preferred Schwinn to spend the bike’s budget on the bike itself rather than the display – which they did, so we applaud them for that.

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Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Verdict

We really enjoyed using the Airdyne AD2. The inclusion of the upper body arms and the ability to change up the focus of your workout is a stroke of genius and makes for more interesting cardio workouts. The AD2 is both affordable and built with quality in mind.

The two year parts and labour warranty provide peace of mind and anyone looking for a high-quality home cardio machine that should stand the test of time could do worse than consider this excellent offering from Schwinn.

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