Jason M, the founder of Fitness Brain hits the target market for this male vitality booster perfectly. He brings you this Centrapeak review after testing it for two months. Find out how he got on with Centrapeak below…

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Written by: Jason M

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Centrapeak is marketed as a ‘male vitality booster’ and sits somewhere in between a natural testosterone booster and a nootropic stack.

In this Centrapeak review, Fitness Brain founder Jason will bring you his own personal experience of using the supplement over a 2 month period, along with a full rundown of the ingredients and what you can realistically expect from them.

Quick Verdict: Centrapeak

Centrapeak is a unique all-in-one male vitality booster that combines nootropic and testosterone boosting natural ingredients to great effect.

It uses clinically supported ingredients, is fairly priced and well dosed. Our tester saw moderate results after ten days and significant results after 2 months.

For anyone seeking both a physical and mental lift, Centrapeak is a great option.

About Centrapeak

Centrapeak has been on my radar for some time. I first came across it when researching and shortlisting testosterone boosters. I then came across it again when looking in to the world of nootropic supplements.

It’s not often that these two spheres cross over. We often see nootropic ingredients included in fat burners, but to add them alongside T-boosters is a little less common.

That gives Centrapeak a unique selling point. They aren’t aiming for those who are looking to shed body fat, but they are very much aiming their product at anyone who wants to achieve peak mental and physical health – all in one easy to manage supplement.

Centrapeak is made in the US. For UK customers, shipping is handled from the UK so delivery is fast. Their New Jersey warehouse is GMP certified and the quality of their supplement seems to stack up against the competition on first inspection.

One thing that we don’t like is the lack of telephone support, although email support is available and full refund procedures are clear on the website if you need it. Our experience of the email support was very positive, with responses within 24 hours on the two questions we asked them via email.

What To Expect From Centrapeak

As mentioned, Centrapeak is designed to help the body produce optimal levels of testosterone and also to support a healthy brain.

This means you can expect improved energy levels, clearer thinking, greater strength and recovery, an improved libido and an all round boost to your motivation levels.

Most T-boosters we have tested will deliver the same end results, with the exception of the clearer thinking – and in this Centrapeak review I will give you my verdict on whether it delivered on these expectations.

Who Can Benefit From Centrapeak

It’s no secret that in males, natural testosterone levels start to decline relatively rapidly from the age of 30 – with a 1% decrease year on year from the age of 40 or thereabouts.

With this in mind, any male over the age of 30 will benefit from taking Centrapeak and even those aged as low as 25 may seen an improvement in overall physical and cognitive health as a result of taking it.

It’s important to understand that Centrapeak (and any other natural supplement) does not add testosterone in to the body. Instead, these types of supplements fuel your body with natural ingredients that can help your body to produce more testosterone.

In the case of Centrapeak, the same can be said for enhancing cognition and reducing stress and anxiety levels – with ingredients such as Ashwagandha, L-Tyrosine and Rhodiola Rosea all included to offer these cognition enhancing properties.

Centrapeak is suitable for most men as it includes very few allergens. It is vegan friendly, gluten and soy free and is non-GMO.

About Our Tester

Our Centrapeak tester is Jason, the founder of Fitness Brain. Although Jason doesn’t tend to get too hands on with the supplement reviews, he wanted to test Centrapeak given the unique angle it was taking – being an all round vitality booster.

At the time of testing, Jason had just turned 42 years old and so fitted the target demographic perfectly. He works out 3-4 times per week with strength training and has a demanding role overseeing the editorial output here at Fitness Brain and Fitness Push. So the potential benefits of physical and cognitive enhancement were a great pull.

Jason tested Centrapeak for a total of 2 months, taking the recommended 3 capsules per day whilst maintaining a high protein diet at a maintenance level of calories consumed each day.

Centrapeak Ingredients

Centrapeak includes 16 ingredients, 15 of which are active ingredients. Let’s take a look at the key inclusions, their dosages and identify exactly what benefits you are likely to see from them.

Vitamin D3

There is no doubting that Vitamin D3 is a vitamin that has a profound number of health benefits, and as we get the majority of our Vitamin D from the UV rays that the sun produces, anyone living in the UK is often going to be deficient in it – especially during non-summer months.

Therefore, Vitamin D is a very worthwhile supplement in and of itself – so it is no surprise to see it in a vitality booster such as Centrapeak. There are also a number of studies that support its inclusion as a testosterone booster – with it being found to increase both free and total testosterone in the body.

You get 82.5mcg of Vitamin D3 in each serving of Centrapeak which is a touch on the low side, but combined with diet and natural sunlight exposure is likely to be more than enough to support natural testosterone production.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a clever inclusion in Centrapeak as there are numerous studies to support it as both a testosterone boosting vitamin and one that helps improve cognition, or at least reduce the rate of cognitive decline.

We have a healthy daily does of 10mg with each serving – which should be ample to support the functions mentioned above.

In terms of testosterone – Vitamin B6 actually takes a double pronged approach – helping to not only increase the bodies ability to produce the hormone, but also helping to regulate estrogen production – preventing an excess that can inhibit free testosterone.


Magnesium is a mineral that has an array of health benefits, and again, individual supplementation of it is available. However, having it included in an all-in-one supplement is even better.

From a male vitality point of view, it is known for aiding the body in increasing free testosterone levels and as such it is often found in T-boosters.

Here we get a relatively high dose of 50mg of magnesium citrate. By ensuring you are not deficient in your magnesium levels you are also improving how your body activates the vitamin D3 – so it’s always worthwhile to combine these two ingredients.


Zinc is another mineral that is vital to overall good health and plays a key role in testosterone production. It has been proven time and time again to support health levels of testosterone both in athletes and ageing males.

We get 20mg of zinc citrate with Centrapeak which is enough to see both physical and cognitive benefits including increased fertility, improved mood and of course increased testosterone production.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is often found in fairly high fat foods such as egg yolks, butter and red meat. It is possible to get enough of it from your diet alone, but a lower fat approach is to supplement for some of your intake.

Like magnesium, Vitamin K2 combines well with Vitamin D3 to promote bone health and increase testosterone. We get 45mcg of it in each serving of Centrapeak.


Indole-3-Carbinol (or I3C) is created in the body when we digest glucobrassicin – which is found in vegetables from the brassica family such as broccoli, cabbage and kale.

It is one of the best known anti-carcinogenics and it also just so happens to help reduce the production of estrogen in the body – something that is of course more beneficial to men than for women.

There is less evidence supporting I3C in terms of its estrogen blocking abilities than for its overall health benefits, but even without the hormone balancing benefits, it is a very worthwhile inclusion.


Ashwagandha is found in both T-boosters and nootropics and so it is not at all surprising to see it featured with a very healthy 200mg dose in Centrapeak.

It can have a very positive impact on testosterone production and is well know for its libido enhancing properties.

There are some impressive studies that have shown it to have a significant impact on strength increases and overall muscle mass. In addition you also get the nootropic benefits that include mood and stress reduction.

Rhodiola Rosea

An ingredient that is well known for its cognitive benefits but one that also brings with it some physical benefits too. Rhodiola Rosea has been shown to improve muscle recovery times and improve stamina and endurance.

It also works well as a stress reliever and can improve mood. 100mg as found in Centrapeak is an optimal daily dose.

Mucuna Pruriens

Here we see an ingredient in Mucuna Pruriens that we don’t often see in nootropics or T-boosters – and so to see it crop up in Centrapeak is pretty interesting.

It is included here as it is a high quality source of L-DOPA (which decreases plasma prolactin levels and thus reduces the reduction in testosterone) and is known to be twice as effective as synthetic -DOPA.

It derives from legumes and is sometimes referred to as velvet beans. You get 75mg of it with each serving and it is one ingredient that really sets Centrapeak aside from the competition.

Panax Ginseng

One of the most commonly used ingredients among T-boosters is Panax Ginseng, so it’s not surprising that we get 100mg of it included in Centrapeak.

Although the 100mg dose is well under what we see in other supplements (such as TestoPrime), it is still an adequate dose to have an impact. It can also help with erectile dysfunction and improve overall circulation.


Luteolin is another clever addition to Centrapeak thanks to both its nootropic and testosterone enhancing properties. It is rich in antioxidants, and therefore works to raise GABA production which is key to mood regulation and overall positive well being.

It also helps to balance estrogen production, in turn helping to increase testosterone levels.

We get 50mg of it in Centrapeak which is an optimum dosage when looking at the studies that support its inclusion.


Next up we have 100mg of Phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid that carries with it a number of nootropic benefits. It primarily helps improve focus, energy and mood – not a bad trio of benefits, and it does this by helping to repair neurons in the brain which leads to more efficient use of glucose in the brain.

Centrapeak also cite some benefits to Phosphatidylserine supporting testosterone production but the science here is less solid.


L-Tyrosine is an ingredient that is well known for its cognitive impact – as it helps to restore optimum levels of dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine sometimes gets a bad rep, but it is crucial to mental clarity and focused thinking, and those suffering with stress and/or anxiety will often have depleted dopamine reserves.

Here we get 150mg of L-Tyrosine daily, which is an optimum amount to help bring dopamine levels back to an adequate amount.

Maritime Pine Bark

75mg of Maritime Pine Bark is a standard amount that we see in many standalone nootropics – so to get a full 75mg dose of it in Centrapeak is to be applauded.

It helps to improve blood flow all around the body (including to the brain) which means it has a wide range of benefits, not least improved mood, better clarity of thought and physical benefits such as increased libido.


We get 10mg of Boron in each dose of Centrapeak and that’s an ample amount to help improve those free testosterone levels. There are a good number of studies that show that it can increase free testosterone in a very short amount of time – we are talking hours, not days!

It can also improve short and long term memory – although more research needs to be done in this area to be completely conclusive.


BioPerine is the gold standard of black pepper extract and is there to increase the bio availability of all the other ingredients in the body. In other words, it helps the body to absorb the other ingredients and make better use of them.

Taking Centrapeak

Centrapeak is to be taken three times per day for optimum results. Each vegetarian capsule is best taken with water just after eating.

There are no stimulants in Centrapeak so taking one capsule with dinner is not going to cause you an issue in terms of your sleep.

Our Results Using Centrapeak

I took Centrapeak for 2 months. In total getting through a full two bottle supply which lasted for 60 days. I hadn’t taken any T-boosting supplements or nootropic supplements for at least 3 months prior to testing Centrapeak and as such I felt I was well positioned to tell if it was having any kind of physical or cognitive impact on me.

I had been taking multivitamins which included zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D3 and vitamin B6 – but not in anyway near as much of a dose as what was included in Centrapeak. For this reason, I decided to continue to take my usual multivitamin as it contained 15 other ingredients that were not included in Centrapeak.

I decided to go straight in for the 3 capsules per day and took them straight after each meal. As I work from home most days this was not inconvenient. I can see how this could be problematic if you worked on the move or at various places, but for most people you would simply take one capsule with you for the day to take after lunch – and have breakfast and dinner pills at home.

I suffered no nausea or any ill side effects from taking Centrapeak. One of the reasons they state you take it with a meal is to minimise stomach upsets – as stated, I didn’t suffer anything like this.

After 3 days I hadn’t really noticed any difference in how I felt. It was winter at the time of testing so I was feeling a little low on energy prior to starting the testing, and this had not changed. I hadn’t really noticed any difference in terms of my workouts either.

After 7 to 10 days, this started to change though. I did notice a slight uptick in energy, and my mood seemed to be improved. It wasn’t enough to really notice but on close inspection, the difference was there.

After 3 weeks, I had started to feel much vaster improvements in my energy levels through the day, with mental fatigue seeming to diminish. I also log all of my strength workouts, and I could see that from week two I was making good gains at the gym, lifting heavier weights or increased reps per set.

6 weeks in and the mental gains were still present but it was the physical gains where I was most impressed. I felt able to reduce my rest times between sets on heavy compound lifts and my body felt like it was recovering more quickly after workouts.

After the 60 days were up I felt great. I think this is likely the sweet spot for feeling the overall physical and mental gains and so have decided to continue to take it beyond the initial two month test.

Alternatives To Centrapeak

Centrapeak is a little unique in that it tries to kill two birds with one stone. It aims to be a complete all-in-one solution to male physical and mental health vitality – and it does an ample job in this regard.

However, if you are looking for the ultimate T-booster and aren’t so fussed about the nootropic benefits then TestoPrime would be our no.1 alternative.

For those of you who are more focused on the nootropic side of things, then NooCube would be our no.1 choice.

You can read our full reviews of both by clicking the linked brands above.


Centrapeak is a quality male vitality supplement that offers so much more than just your standard multivitamin. It is best taken in combination with a well balanced diet, and if you follow this advice you will likely see great results from using it.

It’s a bit of a jack of all trades (or two to be specific) and although it likely won’t help with chronic, deep rooted issues, it will help the vast majority of people to perform at their physical and mental peak.

It’s fairly priced for what you get in each capsule, and each serving is very well dosed, with each ingredient being clinically backed.

It’s a great addition to your supplementation regimen.