Our Trusted Suppliers

Having tested and worked with a wide range of UK and international gym and fitness equipment suppliers over the years, we thought it would be a good idea to promote those with who we would class as our ‘trusted suppliers’.

We only look to promote reputable brands here on Fitness Brain, but for those brands that go the extra mile we like to feature them here on our ‘Trusted Suppliers’ page.

To be a trusted supplier a brand has to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a UK based warehouse and ship from within the UK
  • Have UK based customer services
  • Be in regular contact with us with regards new and existing product lines
  • Supply high quality equipment that is long lasting and functional
  • Offer a good warranty that is good to its word

We are constantly working with our most trusted suppliers to help deliver the best possible products to our readership.

JTX Fitness have been a brand we have worked with closely over the last 12 months, having reviewed almost all of their models. They have become one of our most trusted suppliers and are a company that we are always happy to promote as their home cardio equipment always performs brilliantly in our testing.

This British company are based in West Sussex and have a fierce reputation for providing good value for money and reliable products. They have a wide range of treadmills, spin bikes and rowers and have something to suit most budgets – as well as offering commercial quality machines.

They offer great warranties (sometimes extended beyond the standard 12 months) and are always on hand to offer support with their products.

To view our range of JTX reviews just head to our reviews section in the menu to see the range.

Visit the JTX Fitness Online Store Here


BOXRAW are a brand that are fairly new to us here at Fitness Brain but nonetheless they have impressed us with their commitment to quality products, breaking the mould and of course offering exceptional customer service.

We first came across them when looking at hand wraps, and since then we have reviewed a number of their products and have never failed to be impressed.

We work with BOXRAW closely to find opportunities to promote them within our content where we feel their products add value to what our readers are searching for. This is not a difficult task as their products are generally exceptional.

Their aim is to be known as the company that made the world fall in love with boxing. Their passion for the sport shines through in everything that they do and we are proud to include them as one of our most trusted suppliers.

Visit BOXRAW here.

VitalGym are one of our trusted suppliers. They are based in the UK and have a small team of exceptional staff with a focus on creating and supplying affordable, gym quality equipment that is designed for home use.

They don’t have the widest product range but their focus on strength training, CrossFit and Calisthenics equipment allows them to excel in what they offer.

Pricing is fair and compares favourably to other brands with the quality of their gear often far surpassing that of their rivals. They also have some innovative offers including the Vital Club where you get access to even more offers and they are always on hand should you have any questions or queries. We are pleased to promote them as one of our most trusted suppliers.

Visit VitalGym & Browse Their Full Range Here

One of the latest videos from VitalGym:

Visit VitalGym & Browse Their Full Range Here