Editorial Standards

As Fitness Brain has evolved over the last few years we have seen how impactful having a high quality resource can be for our readers. Our audience is growing and we reach over 400,000 people each year – and we understand that this means we have a duty of care to provide high quality information within our editorial content.

We have incredibly high standards when it comes to the information we provide and we do not promote products that we are not incredibly familiar with or companies that we do not know and trust.

When it comes to our editorial policy – we stick to the following:


The overarching principle of all our editorial guidelines is that our writers need to have exceptional knowledge of the topic they are discussing. For example, our reviews around supplements are only written by experts in the field of nutrition. For the most part, our personal trainer and nutritionist James Dixon oversees the writing for these types of articles. Likewise, we have other PT’s who write about cardio and dedicated writers who write about strength training.

Our writers have a mix of academic qualifications and ‘field experience’ and this is a minimum expectation on our part.

Our editors are required to fact check and this double layer approach ensures our articles are highly knowledgeable and factually correct at the time of publishing.


It is incredibly important to us that all the information we publish is accurate. Whether we are discussing the impact of ashwagandha on the body, giving a product price or informing you of a measurement of a piece of gym equipment – our goal is always for 100% accuracy.

This also means that we regularly update our articles as and when we need to in order to keep up to date with changes from manufacturers or as a result of new scientific or medical studies.


You can expect our reviews to be honest. We tend to only write about products that we like and that we think are helpful but there are times when we have tested products that are not great and when this happens we tell you. It is rare for us to be 100% happy with every product we test and so you will usually find some form of negative within an article.

Most of our reviews include affiliate links. We include this disclaimer on each page as it is just another example of our approach to honesty.


We assign our writers to our content based on their expertise. We have writers who are more cardio focused or strength training focused. We have cycling enthusiasts and even ex-PE teachers writing for us. If we cannot offer expertise within a subject we don’t cover it – it’s as simple as that.


Where we think it is appropriate we will include links to sources. This may be to a journal or PDF document or to a manufacturer’s website.

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