Weider Pro 5500 Multi Gym

The Weider Pro 5500 Multi Gym is a mid-range multi gym that offers a full body workout in a premium but compact package. Our Weider Pro 5500 review looks to assess whether or not this is a good option for your home setup and who will benefit most from it – as well as determining if it is actually any good.

Weider is one of the most prestigious supplement and equipment brands in the US and has a company history that spans over 70 years. They are highly regarded as producing high quality, yet affordable nutrition and fitness equipment and on the face of it the Pro 5500 fits their brand profile perfectly. This is not a fly by night brand and you can be sure that the 2 year parts and labour warranty that you get when you register your purchase with Weider is worth the paper it is written on.

Weider Pro 5500 Specs

The Weider Pro 5500 is one of the more compact multi-gyms that you will see on the market, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a big punch when it comes to versatility and weight – it delivers big in both of these areas. Standing at 210cm and with a floor space of 110cm by 220cm it will fit in most home gym spaces comfortably. The Pro 5500 features a single stack of vinly weights with a total of 85kg in weight, however the various pulley attachments create an increase in actual weight that provides the following real feel:

Lat Pull Down – 102kg
Arm Press – 120kg
Leg Curl – 110kg
Low Pulley (rows and curls) – 102kg
Butterfly – 40kg

This range of weights is impressive and means that most users will be able to use the Weider 5500 for progressive overload and will see serious gains as a result.

The weight of this unit once fully assembled is 150kg and it can take a maximum user weight of 135kg. We found the Weider Pro 5500 to be very sturdy and the general construction to be very well made. The cables worked smoothly and there was no sticking of weight plates in the stack which provided a comfortable and challenging workout.

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Using The Weider Pro 5500

weider pro multigymThe Weider Pro 5500 is easy to use, although the initial assembly is not quite so straightforward. There are clear instructions detailing how to build this multi gym but it will take a good few hours to put together. Once setup, all aspects of the Pro 5500 have a robust feel to them and the seat and handle padding makes it comfortable to use.

The pulley system works well and the seat and preacher curl pad are fully adjustable making them ideal for a range of heights. Our tester stood at a height of 6’1″ and had no issues with using this equipment. The fact that the cables run on their own pulleys means there is no messing around with changing cable attachments or anything like that – meaning you can have efficient, stress free workouts anytime.

The Weider Pro multi gym comes with an exercise wall chart that contains 28 exercises in total. You will be able to perform chest press, flyes, lateral raises, bent over rows, upright rows, standing rows, lat pull downs, bicep curls, tricep kick backs, calf raises, leg extensions, leg curls, ab and oblique crunches, hip abductions and more with this multi gym. The range of exercises really is quite impressive for the size of it.

All of the attachments were intuitive to use and we didn’t have any issues with any parts. The lat pull down was the least stable of all the parts but this is always going to be the case. We were still able to pull 102kg of weight without any real issues in terms of steadiness and overall our workout felt challenging but comfortable.

Our Verdict

The Pro 5500 is an excellent multi gym that is good value for money and will work well for most people looking to gain muscle and want a quality home multi gym setup to assist them. There will be a few gaps but nothing that a pull up bar wouldn’t fix and if you complement this with a couple of sets of dumbbells (not strictly speaking necessary) then you really would have the complete home gym.

The two year parts and labour warranty gives extra peace of mind and thanks to the quality of workmanship the Weider Pro 5500 should last for years to come with standard usage. The weight stack is pretty impressive and will only limit the most advanced of users.

Overall, this is a great option for most beginner and intermediate users and will provide a thorough home workout at a more than reasonable price.

Save £100 On The Weider Pro 5500