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Best Greens Powders

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Written by Matt Smith

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The world of nutrition and supplementation has changed drastically over the last decade, and the strides made by companies in the last 3 years are even greater. Greens powders are one of the supplements that have benefited from increased demand in products that will make a real difference to mental and physical health – and today we will be looking at 5 of the best greens powders available to buy in the UK.

Each of the greens powders mentioned have been tested by members of our team and we will be breaking down each powder by what you get, how it tastes, the impact on your nutritional intake and value for money.

Choosing the best greens powder is not an easy task as there are more to choose from than ever before, but with some genuinely fantastic products on the market, if you make the right choice, your health should be richly rewarded.

What Are Greens Powders?

Before we bring you our top 5 choices, let’s take a look at what green powders actually are. Greens powders are in fact a pretty simply product in concept as they are a mixture of selected vegetables, grasses, fruits and grains that have been dried and blended in to a powdered mixture.

Of course, the ingredients that go in to them are very carefully selected and some greens powders will have more of certain products than others and quantities per serving will differ.

Much of the artistry comes down to making the green powder enjoyable to consume as they are usually mixed with water to make a pleasant drink.

Some are unflavoured (which is great if you want to mix it with something else like a protein shake) and others are mixed with flavourings and natural sweeteners to make them more palatable.

Of course, the benefits of greens powders are well documented but in a nutshell, getting a good dose of daily greens can help with weight loss (or regulation), aid digestion, improve your gut health and give you more energy (thus reducing feelings of fatigue and lethargy).

Our 5 Best Greens Powders

When choosing the right green powder supplement for yourself you should look for products that are made with ingredients that are mineral rich, full of a variety of nutrients and contain plenty of antioxidants.

The 5 picks we have shortlisted here are all full of these and we highly recommend and endorse them.

Read on to find the best greens powder for you.

Hux Superfood Blend

hux greens powder

Hux Health are a relatively new UK based supplement company that so far has two main products in its arsenal. The one we are focusing on today is their Superfood Blend, a potent mix of 20 different plant based ingredients designed to give you the ultimate daily hit of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fruit and veg.

The thing that is refreshing about Hux Health is that they are very much aimed at the regular consumer. This is not a product aimed at professional athletes (although they would benefit from it too), instead they have designed a product that is supposed to combat the day to day unpredictabilities that we all face.

In a sentence – the Hux Superfood Blend is aimed to balance us out and put a lot of goodness in to us.

Coming in at around half the price of Athletic Greens (when saving 20% on a subscription model) each pack contains 20 servings. So it’s saving around a third of the price in real terms. There are multiple benefits to taking Hux though and the 20-strong ingredient list is impressively packed full of greens, veggies and fruits that are high in antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes.

It also comes with 13g of plant based protein, so you could in theory replace your daily protein shake with it (although they do state clearly it is not a protein shake). Additionally it also includes all 9 essential amino acids.

Expect to find spirulina, spinach, kale, brown rice protein, acai berry, goji berry, ashwaganda and more in each serving. You will get both physical and mental benefits from taking this supplement and our reviewer attested to this. Improved energy levels were clear from day 3 and the physical health benefits were felt from around week 3.

Hux claim their mix improves gut health, brain function, immunity, helps to boost energy and can also aid the growth of muscle mass and bone health. Our testing would support this and we think it is a really good, cost effective greens powder.

You can opt for the original unflavoured powder or go for vanilla if you prefer. We opted for vanilla and it made for a tasty drink when mixed with 300ml of water each morning.

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SuperGreen Tonik

SuperGreen Tonik bottle

SuperGreen Tonik is the brainchild of Human Tonik CEO Adam Wright (a former triathlete) and is a blend of 38 different superfoods, minerals and vitamins. Although their is no dedicated UK website (and their prices are displayed in US dollars) they indeed ship to the UK and they have one of the best supergreen powders available.

Each serving weighs in at 11.5g (around the same as Athletic Greens) but what we love about this green powder is that every single ingredient is individually accounted for – there are no proprietary blends in sight, so you know exactly what you are getting in each and every serving.

Whilst using proprietary blends is not a deal breaker (hence us going with AG-1 in top spot), it is comforting to see the dose of every ingredient. Again, there are too many ingredients to list them all but you can expect to find Organic Spirulina, organic spinach leaf, ashwaganda, bacopa leaf and barley grass to name but a few.

Like AG-1, SuperGreen Tonik features ingredients that are designed to enhance both body and mind and it has a specific set of nootropic ingredients.

The veggie mix in SuperGreen Tonik promises to improve overall health, improve heart health, reduce stress and inflammation and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The nootropic ingredients should also help to reduce stress and anxiety and provide greater focus and energy. You should also see a significant boost to your immune system as a result of taking this supplement.

There are two flavours available to choose from – with mint and berry. We opted for the mint flavour and it was very pleasant, easy to drink and easy to mix with water.

Our tester reported a significant improvement to overall energy levels, greater levels of focus and an all-round boost to their physical health. There are less gut health benefits with SuperGreen Tonik and it can be quite heavy for the first few days, but once you get used to it then you really start to feel the benefits.

It has good user reviews and testimonials and it is priced fairly competitively. It is still a premium product but the standard of the ingredients is top notch. Just be sure to order in plenty of time as it will be shipped from the US.

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Athletic Greens AG-1

athletic greens packaging

When looking for the best greens powders in the UK it is hard to look past Athletic Greens. They are one of the most well known (within the health and fitness industry at least) companies in this space, have a brilliantly packaged product and have some of the biggest endorsements we have seen from any supplement company with big names such as Lewis Hamilton, Tim Ferriss, Emily Day and Mark Hyman all putting their name to the product (in the form of testimonials).

However, it is not cheap.

In fact, Athletic Greens is one of the most costly supplements you can buy. So of course, we would expect the standard to be excellent.

And to be fair – it is!

We will get on to the Athletic Greens ingredients in a second, but you know you have a good product when you don’t need multiple versions of it. Often, supplementation companies will make different variations of a supplement and this is often just so they can market it to different demographics.

Athletic Greens has just one product – AG1 – and it is suitable for everyone. It’s vegan, paleo and keto friendly and is made from purely natural ingredients.

Each 12g serving is absolutely jam packed full of some of the best greens ingredients money can buy. There are far too many for us to list all of them here with 16 vitamins, 12 minerals, 3 probiotics and 22 adaptogens coming from 19 whole food sources.

Some of the big hitters include organic spirulina, organic wheat grass, rose hip, lecithin, beetroot powder, ashwaganda and spinach leaf powder – but there really are too many ingredients for us to list. Everything is accounted for in their proprietary blends which can be seen on their website or the product packaging.

You also get a healthy dose of probiotics. They are dairy free and contain 7.2 billion CFU per serving. One of the biggest benefits of Athletic Greens is that you are unlikely to need another supplement alongside it as you will get all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients you will need from each daily serving. It is also NSF Certified for Sport so professional athletes will have no concerns taking this supplement.

Athletic Greens is perfectly drinkable. It is sweetened with natural stevia and is to be mixed with 250ml of water. It is certainly not unpleasant to drink in any way. As mentioned, this is a costly supplement with a one month supply costing just under £100. However, this can be cut significantly if you subscribe and we’d suggest for the most benefit you should take it for at least 3 months so it’s worth considering a subscription.

AG1 label

Our tester loved the product. So much in fact that beyond the initial one month testing period she is now taking the supplement every day and is beyond her third month of using it.

Results seem impressive. With a reported improvement in energy levels, less bloating, greater regularity and a greater all-round feeling of positive physical health. This is common with Athletic Greens and it really is the best greens powder on the market in our opinion – that’s if you can stretch to the monthly cost.

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Total Nutri Greens Plus

Total Green Plus super food

Total Nutri Greens Plus is a MyProtein product that delivers on many levels. It doesn’t have quite the robust nature of some of the other supplements listed but for those who want a cost effective, no-frills greens powder then Total Nutri Greens Plus is a great option.

With each pack lasting around 3 months and coming in at under £40, this is one of the cheapest greens powders in the UK. Each serving is a little low though (at just 7.5g) but even if you doubled the serving you would still be looking at less than half the cost of AG-1. Of course, you do get what you pay for generally in the supplement game.

You still get no less than 35 superfood extracts in this blend, with the likes of spirulina, broccoli, kale, chlorella, wheatgrass and green tea extract all in the mix. You don’t get quite the nootropic benefits as seen in some of the products listed above, but from a gut health and immune system point of view, you get plenty of what you need.

The main vitamins you are getting from this blend are Vitamin C, B12 and K1 and the Bioperine and DigeZyme enzyme complexes are designed to offer further gut health benefits.

Each 660g pack is only available unflavoured and we would suggest mixing it with something else. MyProtein suggest adding it to a protein shake, juice or water. Our tester mixed it with their protein shake and found it made it a little thicker, but just adding more water compensated for it.

The results were less obvious than those of some of our other testers but they were far from underwhelming. The benefit of consuming these ingredients on a daily basis is clear and this is a great low cost entry point to the world of super greens.

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Naturelo Raw Greens

raw greens bottle

Naturelo are one of our favourite natural supplement companies. All of their products are made from premium ingredients that come from real foods. They contain no unnecessary additives and they are a UK based company – so far so good.

They do make a lot of supplements though. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but for us, the pick of the lot is their Raw Greens supplement. Each pack contains 30 servings (of 8g each) and they have some of the best ingredients we have seen in any greens powder. That being said, they do use proprietary blends so it is not possible to know exactly how much of each individual ingredient is contained in each serving.

They break their proprietary blends down in to the following:

  • Greens blend
  • Fiber blend
  • Anti-aging blend
  • Immunity blend
  • Anti-stress blend
  • Energy blend
  • Probiotic blend
  • Digestive enzyme blend

That is a lot of proprietary blends in each serving, but it does go some way to showing the thinking behind each and every ingredient in each pack of Raw Greens. There are some real standout ingredients on show and it’s those with the ability to increase energy and focus that are most notable – for example ashwaganda, maca root and nettle leaf are commonly found in nootropics and are a welcome addition here.

Of course, you also get organic spirulina, barley and wheat grass, spinach, broccoli and some of our other favourites such as Rose Hips, Acai berry, Licorice root and a probiotic blend containing 15 billion CFU.

This product is a real alternative to Athletic Greens’ AG-1 and our tester found it be an incredible supplement that he intends to continue to take as part of his daily supplementation. There is no flavouring so it can be mixed with water or fruit juice if you prefer some flavour.

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We listed our preferences in order (first being best) but that doesn’t mean that our no.1 pick is necessarily the best greens powder for you. Cost, lifestyle, diet and your goals will all come in to play in choosing the right supplement for your needs.

For example, if you know you won’t be able to sustain the high cost of Athletic Greens, then you would be better off choosing a cheaper product that you know you will be able to take for months (or years) on end. The name of the game here is consistency – and what all of these greens powders have in common, is that they are easy to take daily and therefore give you that goodness each and every day – the compound effect of that over time is massive – so go for the option that makes most sense to you.

At the end of it all, you can’t go wrong with any of these greens powders. If gut health is important to you and money is no object then AG-1 it is. If gut health isn’t so important then Hux is a great choice. For gut health and overall good quality greens at a moderate cost then Naturelo Raw Greens is as good as it gets at that price point.

The choice is yours.

Common Benefits Of Greens Powders

Still not sure whether or not greens powders are for you? Then read on…

Greens powders have a whole range of benefits, much of which we have already covered. But here are some of those benefits explained:

Boosting Your Immune System

Getting your recommended daily intake of vital vitamins and minerals is crucial to good health. Vitamins such as A, C and D as well as minerals such as Iron are all supportive of a well functioning immune system.

The key to keeping your immune system firing on all cylinders is to keep your body supplied with these vitamins and minerals in adequate quantities. The trouble is that hectic modern lifestyles are not supportive of this and so greens powder supplements are a great way to get these vitamins from proper food sources.

Fights Fatigue

Having a fully functioning immune system will help keep energy levels high, but in addition to that, many greens powders have a range of natural ingredients that have nootropic effects on the brain. This can again help provide greater mental clarity, focus and a boost to energy levels.

Improved Digestion & Gut Health

Eating a well balanced diet is essential for good gut health. So too is taking on plenty of probiotics. Without supplementation this is hard to achieve but a number of the products we listed contain probiotics and all will help with digestion thanks to the greens contained within them.

Reduces Stress

Most of the greens powders we shortlisted contained adaptogens, with ashwaganda being a common example. Adaptogens are well known to reduce stress in the body and this is a significant benefit.

Reduces Inflammation

The antioxidants contained in many of the ingredients in greens powders have anti-inflammatory effects and this is positive to all-round health. Inflammation in the body can have a significantly negative impact on physical and mental health and so this is a profound benefit of taking super greens.

Can Help Prevent Serious Disease

Chronic and serious disease can never be eradicated completely but by taking a good daily dose of greens that come from natural vegetables, fruits and grasses, it is thought that you can help to reduce the chances of chronic and serious disease.