Best Meal Prep Services

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We get it, meal prep is a pain. But it’s also one of the best ways to ensure you stay on track with your nutrition through the week (when you’re at your busiest). That’s where meal prep services come in. They save you time and stop you from reaching for your phone to place a … Read more

Best Greens Powders

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The world of nutrition and supplementation has changed drastically over the last decade, and the strides made by companies in the last 3 years are even greater. Greens powders are one of the supplements that have benefited from increased demand in products that will make a real difference to mental and physical health – and … Read more

5 Healthy Seeds And Why You Should Eat Them

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There is a very simple reason that seeds are so healthy and perfect for regular inclusion in your diet – they contain all the materials needed to create strong, healthy plants, and these happen to be the same things that we have evolved to need to be our best selves. They are incredibly nutritionally beneficial. … Read more

Best Fat Burners

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The only real way to sustain long term weight loss or management is to sort out your caloric and macronutrient intake – you need to eat less than you use to lose weight, and exactly balance what you lose to maintain the same weight. This being said, there are some fantastic products out there that … Read more

Foods That Lower Testosterone

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Testosterone is a vital sex hormone that plays a significant part in maintaining overall health, especially in men. It contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and strength, to maintaining healthy sexual function, fertility and libido, and to maintaining healthy energy levels and mental health. A lack of testosterone can lead to some … Read more

Best Turmeric Supplement UK

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Turmeric has been recognised in parts of South Asia as something of a medical marvel for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It is considered a superfood par excellence in India. However, many of us in the rest of the world just know it as an ingredient that turns our food yellow and makes it … Read more

Best Multivitamins UK

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Supplementation is nothing new in the health and fitness sphere. Most athletes do it, whether they use protein powder, creatine, BCAAs, electrolytes, omega 3… the list really does go on for a long, long way. But what about the basics? What about the stuff that comes before, during and after supplements for improving performance and … Read more

Best Protein Bars UK

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Protein bars are one of the most convenient ways in which you can quickly and easily get more protein in to your diet and they make hitting those macros a lot easier than it was just a generation ago. With more and more high protein packed bars coming to the UK market every few months, … Read more

Best Nootropic Supplements

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The focus for health and wellness has shifted over the last couple of years and although physical health is still high on the agenda for most people, mental wellbeing is starting to come in to focus more and more. Getting quality sleep, reducing anxiety and improving cognitive functioning are now all firmly on the radar … Read more