Best Fat Burners

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Our PT and nutrition expert James Dixon examines the best fat burners available to buy in the UK. Find out below which is most suitable for you. The only real way to sustain long term weight loss or management is to sort out your caloric and macronutrient intake – you need to eat less than … Read more

Ghrelin & Hunger Regulation

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Tackling hunger can be a colossal challenge when you’re trying to optimise your health and fitness. Expert Ben Hardman has produced this guide to ghrelin and hunger regulation, explaining how ghrelin operates, and what you can do. Stomach rumbling? Feeling hungry?  If you’re anything like me, this happens on a daily basis. And there’s one hormone … Read more

Does Zinc Increase Testosterone?

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Strenght Bible founder Ben Hardman aims to definitively answer the question ‘does zinc increase testosterone?’ Find out what he found below… Zinc and testosterone are two high-functioning elements in your body. Zinc is a versatile trace mineral that influences a number of our biological systems. Similarly, testosterone has a major influence on our development, muscle … Read more

Best Ashwagandha Supplements

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Ashwagandha has long been respected in traditional medicine for its ability to refine focus, streamline a stress-free mind, and more. Here, you’ll find some of the best ashwagandha supplements available today. Ashwagandha is a herb largely native to India’s wetlands, where it has a long history of use in traditional forms of medicine. You may … Read more

What Is Testosterone & How Does It Impact The Body?

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More people should be asking themselves, what is testosterone and how does it impact the body? This informative guide busts some myths and clarifies the facts. Testosterone is often preceded by its reputation. Alpha males, muscle building and gym bros are some of the most common images that spring to mind with testosterone.  But this … Read more

Does Creatine Increase Testosterone?

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Creatine and testerone – two words you might have often heard together. But does creatine increase testosterone? Here we give you the clear-cut answer. I would like to call the idea that creatine can increase testosterone output a popular myth. It is certainly popular. It also isn’t quite correct, so you might call it a … Read more

How To Lose Calf Fat

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Say goodbye to stubborn calf fat and hello to beautifully toned legs with the ultimate guide to sculpting your lower body like never before. When it comes to achieving the perfect physique, we all have our trouble areas – for many of us, it’s our calf muscles.  Despite our best efforts, calf fat can be … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Fat-Burning Foods for Effective Weight Loss

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Transform your body and ignite your fat-burning potential with the ultimate guide to mouth-watering, nutrient-dense foods that will fuel your weight loss journey like never before! Reducing weight may be a difficult process, but what if you could boost your fat-burning capacity simply by including delicious and nutrient-dense foods in your diet? What Are Fat … Read more

Best HGH Supplements UK

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Human growth hormone (HGH supplements) sound like a fantastic idea – who wouldn’t want a steady, optimal supply of HGH, after all? It serves a few very important purposes in your body, from keeping you young to enabling muscle growth. HGH plays a central role in the healthy functioning of the human body. It’s need … Read more

Best Magnesium Supplements UK

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Magnesium is a key mineral, a micronutrient, that plays a significant role across several areas of your overall health, fitness, and healthy functioning. It can aid your heart, your mood, your blood sugar levels, your athleticism, and your bone health, to name just a few benefits. It’s also widely available from dietary sources like nuts, … Read more