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Boxing is a sport that more and more people are taking up but adding a boxing bag to your home gym setup is not reserved for trained fighters alone – in fact, adding one or two punching bags to your training regime can reap huge rewards in terms of cardio and strength training whether you are training for a fight or just looking to get fit. Boxing bag stands can be a good middle man between free standing punching bags and fixed position ceiling or wall brackets but choosing a good one is not easy – so we thought we’d but them to the test and bring you our best boxing bag stands buyers guide.

Punching bags do not usually take up a huge amount of space but having a fixed bag that is attached to the ceiling or wall is either unsightly or not practical for home use in many cases. Free standing punching bags do have their place but for anyone who wants a true heavy bag and/or speed bag experience then some sort of hanging bag is usually a better option. Punching bag stands offer the best of both worlds as you can use one or more bags that are designed to be hung and you can put them away or move them in to a more convenient location after your workout.

Choosing The Best Punching Bag Stand For You

Choosing a boxing bag stand does require a bit of forethought. You will need to consider the type of punch bag you wish to hang. Are you looking for a heavy bag to develop strength and movement or are you looking for a speed bag to develop hand eye co-ordination, speed and have a more intense cardio experience? If it is both, then you will need to consider a stand that is suitable for both.

Another point to consider is how easy to set up or take down the stand will be. If you are going to leave the bag setup more often than not then this is less of a priority but if you plan on setting the stand down after each session then you will certainly need to consider this.

Consider how much movement you plan on using in your workouts. If you need a lot of space to move around the bag then choosing a boxing stand with a wider base is going to be more beneficial than one that has less room for manoeuvres.

Finally, you will need to consider the height of the stand and the build quality. Height is clearly important from a practical point of view (it needs to fit in the space you plan to use it) but also from a usability point of view – you will need to ensure the height of the stand is enough to hold any existing equipment you have and work for your specific height – e.g. is the height of the stand adjustable? Build quality is key if you are looking to use the stand for a long period of time and we have focused on this with all the products we have reviewed – if we think it is unlikely to last 5-10 years plus then we have discounted it from our list.

Our Top 5 Boxing Bag Stands

Boxing bag stands are not as easy to find as you might think, with most of the UK market made up of either free standing bags or brackets for hanging bags. We have managed to find and test a range of stands and as a result we have our 5 best punching bag stands here.

HOMCOM Freestanding Boxing Bag Stand

HOMCOM Freestanding Boxing Punch Bag & Speed Ball Station Hanging Frame Training Exercise Platform Home Gym Heavy Duty Anyone who is serious about their boxing or who is using a punching bag to up their cardio and/or strength gains is likely to be on the lookout for a standard heavy bag and speed bag combo. The HOMCOM boxing bag stand is an all-in-one solution that has space for both a speed ball and a heavy bag and they even come included as part of the package.

The downside here of course is that if you already own a bag then it might feel like you are paying twice for something. However, the bag and speed ball that come included with this unit are well made and up the task – so for anyone who does not have a bag already, this is a great option – and for those that do it gives you an extra bag to abuse.

Regardless of whether you already own a bag, the HOMCOM stand is actually one of the most sturdy of those that we tested and you can of course still attach your own bags and ball if you wish. There are no less than 5 adjustable heights for the speed ball to hang from with a range from 167cm to 187cm above floor level being optimal for all but the shortest of users.

The stand itself stands at 224cm (h) x 163cm (w) x 115cm (l) and so although it’s not the smallest of those we tested – it is one of the sturdiest and provides the ultimate all in one setup for anyone who does not want to drill and hang from the ceiling or walls.

If you are planning on hanging your own heavy bag there is a maximum weight capacity of 100kg but that should be plenty for most bags. If you are a really powerful hitter then you can add weight plates in 4 locations around the base and this makes it even more solid.

All in all, this is a top buy.

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BBE Punch Bag Stand

punching bag standThe BBE punch bag stand is the most lightweight and compact of all the stands we tested. It is pretty much the only option that you could pack away after each use as it can be folded down to an extent pretty easily with a fold flat design. The BBE weighs in at just 16.8kg and as such will require weight plates to be added to the three pins. The manufacturer suggest a minimum of 60kg be used to weigh down the stand and we would suggest this is required – especially for big hitters. This is a bit of an issue if you don’t already own weight plates but for those that do it is a small price to pay for getting that extra compact and fold away design.

The BBE can hold a maximum weight of 30kg which is suitable for many smaller punching bags and even some 5ft bags – but do check the weight of your existing heavy bag if you already own one as it may be too heavy for the BBE.

Make no mistake, this is a good heavy bag stand – it’s just that the bag can’t be too heavy.

One aspect of the BBE stand that we love is the adjustable height. It has a maximum height of 218.5cm which is great and this can be reduced if needed. It requires a floor space of 136cm by 101cm and gives a good amount of space for footwork around the bag.

If you are looking for a good punch bag stand that can be folded away and you already own weight plates then the BBE is a good option – but if you need something that can hold a little more weight and you don’t need the fold away option then the Everlast is a better choice.

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Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

Everlast Heavy Punch Bag Stand - Holds up to 100lb bags Everlast is a name that is synonymous with boxing, MMA and fitness in general and it is a leading worldwide brand that people trust. Of course, reputation alone would not see us put the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand in top spot and it is only after a thorough testing that we decided to give it the coveted number one spot.

Standing at a height of 214cm, the sturdy Everlast stand is a great option for anyone looking for a good method of hanging a heavy bag. Unfortunately, the Everlast cannot accomodate a speed bag but if you are simply looking to workout with a standard hanging punching bag then this is an excellent option. It takes up a floor space of 126cm (w) x 175cm (l) and features two heavy duty feet that also have weight plate pegs for added stability. The Everlast heavy bag stand is 22kg in weight and we would suggest adding some extra weight plates to the pegs to provide your bag with the most stable base it can have. When compared to a free standing option, this looks and feels so much more stable and will allow you to workout at maximum intensity without having to worry about the whole thing toppling over.

There is ample space to move inside of the legs although this stand is not designed to be used with a huge amount of movement using your feet. That being said, there is more than enough space to move around the bag and use a range of punches or kicks.

This punching bag stand is not really designed to be dismantled after each use and although it is not difficult to set up or take down it is not ideal to be doing this after each workout. Due to it only weighing 22kg without the bag attached it is fairly easy to move if you want to move it the corner of a room however. The Everlast can hold a bag that weighs up to 45kg which is more than enough to hold most home punching bags.

Overall, the Everlast is well made, very sturdy (especially when you add your weight plates to the pegs) and looks great with a decent bag attached. It’s a shame it doesn’t have a speed bag attachment but as a pure heavy bag stand it does the job perfectly and won’t break the bank.

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Gyronetics E-Series Box Station

Gyronetics E-Series Box Station with Punch Bag and Punch Ball This fairly new offering from Gyronetics is a fantastic all-in-one solution if you don’t already own a heavy bag or speed ball as the E-Series Box Station can accommodate and comes with both supplied as standard. This makes this an extremely affordable option when you consider the individual costs of all of those elements – and the quality of each bag is excellent too.

Weighing in at a fairly lightweight 21kg, the Box Station can take a maximum weight load of a whopping 100kg – that is more than any of the stands we tested! It has four weight plate pegs that are conveniently positioned across the front and back legs and we would suggest adding at least a 5kg weight plate to each of these. In doing so, you will have one of the most stable and versatile boxing bag stands on the market.

The Box Station is going to be suitable for pretty much all heights as it stands at 208cm. The attachment for the speed ball can be height adjusted using a quick selector pin and has four height settings. It takes up 117cm x 98cm of floor space and will ideally need to remain set up once initially assembled as it does take a bit of putting together.

All in all, we found the E-Series Box Station a joy to use, the included bags were of a good quality and the frame is robust when weighted down with plates. A great buy for anyone looking for a full boxing workout and who doesn’t want to attach brackets to walls or ceilings.

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Max Strength Punching Bag Stand

Max Strength 2 Way Free Standing punch bag Frame 6'2" high and 4' filled Punching bag with Speedball Platform set in black colour (Frame With Hanging Punch Bag) The Max Strength boxing stand is another robust option and has the added benefit of being able to house a heavy bag and a speed bag and you can even buy just the stand or the full kit with both bags included. We opted for purely the stand as we already have bags to attach so we can’t speak for the quality of the bags, but the quality of the stand itself is right up there with the best.

It is a little shorter than the Everlast and the Gyronetics Box Station with the Max Strength standing at just under 200cm in height – this might mean that anyone 6’3″ and taller might struggle to use this bag comfortably but our 6’1″ tester found this stand to be just fine.

The Max Strength is suitable for 4ft and 5ft punching bags weighing up to 45kg but we would suggest adding extra weight plates to the weight plate pegs – we found that a couple of 5kg plates on each peg was more than sufficient to give a really sturdy and balanced feel to the frame.

The frame is incredibly sturdy and weighs in at around 23kg which seems about the standard for most stands. The tubular frame is made from thick 2mm steel. We would suggest you keep this stand set up between workouts as it is a little more complicated to put together than some of the other models tested.

This is a well made stand that has the versatility of being able to use two types of punching bags and is reasonably priced.

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