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Despite the name, the JTX Club Pro Professional Treadmill is not purely for commercial settings and it is actually described by JTX as a ‘semi-commercial’ treadmill – we will be trying to fathom out exactly what that means and how good this treadmill actually is in our full and impartial JTX Club Pro review right here.

The first thing to point out is that the Club Pro does indeed look and feel like a treadmill you might find in a commercial gym. It doesn’t fold, has a rather large footprint and has a whole host of top specs to go with it – but if you are looking for something a little more compact you might want to check out our folding treadmills roundup here. For those of you who are looking to place this in a commercial setting or as part of a dedicated home gym space – read on.

JTX Club-Pro First Impressions

The Club Pro Professional treadmill is a beast of a machine when compared to your standard home treadmills. It has a commercial sized running deck and the overall impact of the unit is considerable when you first set eyes upon it. This is not a treadmill for a small space and as it weighs in at 167kg and is non-folding it will need a permanent place to reside in your gym setup.

At the time of writing JTX Fitness are offering free delivery and installation so all you need to do is pick your location. We will get on to the exact dimensions of the Club Pro in our specifications section of the review – but just know that this will dominate a small room so unless you have something bigger than a box room this treadmill might be too big for your space.

Everything about this treadmill oozes class when it comes to the aesthetics and upon first glance you will be confident you have made a sound investment. Of course, what’s under the hood is just as important as its external appearances so let’s take a look at exactly what you are getting.

Club Pro Professional Specifications

JTX badge the Club-Pro Professional as a semi-commercial treadmill. Although that might sound like some fluffy language they do actually indicate exactly what they mean by that. It can indeed be used in a commercial space but it is not intended for all day continuous use. JTX state that the Club Pro can withstand 4-7 hours of use per day without the need for additional maintenance and without putting undue pressure on the motor and other internal components.

The reality is that your dedicated commercial gyms will need something a little beefier but for a a hotel gym that sees less frequent use or a workplace gym that will not see more than 7 hours of use per day – it is an ideal choice. Of course, this also means that it will more than suffice in home situations.

The JTX Club-Pro Professional sizes up at 216cm (l) x 174cm (h) x 88cm (w) which is pretty considerable when you compare it to cheaper models. In large spaces it will not look out of place but in smaller spaces it can dominate a room. That being said, it is fine to use in most domestic settings. The running deck sits at 28cm (when flat) above floor level so add this to your total height to work out if you have enough ceiling height to house the treadmill – for most spaces this will be fine but for garages you may need to get your measuring tape out.

The running track is also particularly impressive with a total length of 155cm and a width of 57cm. This is at the generous end of the scale when it comes to running track dimensions and there is an 8 point commercial shock absorption system that provides a comfortable run with less impact on the joints than you would experience with standard outdoor running.

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The Club Pro is not just about size though, it has some serious grunt to go with its bold looks. A 4HP motor is at the heart of its power and gives more than enough oomph for even the most advanced of athletes. Top speeds of 22KPH are possible and the Club Pro handles the top speed well with a fluid experience enjoyed even at top speeds. To give an idea of just how powerful this motor is we usually look for motors that offer a continuous output of power at 1.5HP or above and with this model you are getting 4HP!

There are 15 levels of mechanical incline to enjoy (or not perhaps) with a total incline of 15%. This is controlled at the touch of a button and can also be controlled automatically as part of heart rate training programmes when using a Polar heart rate strap or the built in pulse rate monitors.

You will find a really impressive looking computer console on the JTX Club Pro Professional Treadmill and this really is streets ahead of the competition. Not only does it look great and have excellent connectivity but it has one of the most intuitive control systems we have used. The buttons are well spaced, easy to find and press even at high running speeds and of course you also have the safety shut off switch and clip in case of accidents.

The LCD screen is again well spaced with all the key data on screen for you to see and you can extend your display options by attaching a second display with a mobile or tablet device. There is a free tablet holder included with this treadmill and this sits just above the main display and allows you to connect to third party apps such as the popular Kinomap running app. There are also 43 pre-set workout programmes you can access that include heart rate training options.

The Club Pro has a maximum user weight of 180kg which is right at the top end of what you usually see for treadmill weight capacity. This is another indication as to the overall quality of the JTX Club Pro and the manufacturer also offers a 3 year home warranty as standard to back up their product. There is also a lifetime warranty as standard on the frame and a 10 year warranty on the motor so JTX Fitness are really putting their money where their mouth is with this warranty. For commercial settings there is a 1 year commercial warranty as standard and they do offer extended commercial warranties which can be negotiated separately with JTX.

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Using The JTX Club Pro Professional Treadmill

The JTX Club Pro treadmill is a joy to use – it really is. It may not be a cheap option but this is an investment that will serve you well for years to come. Whether you are looking for something for advanced or beginner users, there is something for all with this treadmill and it is highly unlikely you will ever hit an upper limit with it thanks to its impressive 4HP motor, top speeds of 22KPH and the 15% maximum incline.

The reality is that the Club Pro is probably more than most people will need for a home workout and there are cheaper options that are still good quality such as the JTX Sprint 7 that offer a great home workout but if you want one of the best home treadmill workouts and a unit that will last for decades to come then the Club Pro is a top choice.

We can’t overstate enough how good the motor is on this treadmill and it is this that really sets it apart from other models but there are other subtle touches that add to the smooth running experience. The running deck features 2.5″ rollers that help to provide a fluid motion as well as reducing the noise level of the track. The Black Diamond running belt offers exceptional grip and is said to last 50% longer than standard running belts which gives better value for money in the longer term.

The shock absorption of the JTX Club-Pro is also pretty impressive and although JTX don’t make any bold percentage claims (like some companies do)  about their CushionStep Pro technology, it really does feel great underfoot and offers even better shock absorption thanks to the 8 point suspension that is built to a commercial standard.

With over 40 workout programmes to choose from, there is plenty of challenge right out of the box when it comes to your cardio training and operating the treadmill manually is also very easy to do thanks to the quick select speed and incline buttons. The oversized arms help to make you feel very secure and offer able assistance when needed and there are handles to the centre should you need extra stability during your run.

We used the JTX Club Pro with a Polar heart rate strap to test out the heart rate programmes and these were excellent and provided more than enough challenge. The incline and speed settings work seamlessly and smoothly during your run.

If you want more then you have the option of using a third party app and syncing a device to the treadmill. Kinomap was the app we tested and this adds a lot more functionality with new routes and challenges for you to undertake. There are built in speakers with this treadmill and they are pretty impressive for a treadmill.


The JTX Club Pro Professional Treadmill is a high end piece of equipment that commands a premium price tag. However, it is also one of the most powerful home treadmills we have tested and it passed our tests with flying colours. From its intuitive controls and display to its incredible oversized running deck and stress reducing shock adsorption – this is a treadmill for serious runners who want something for decades to come.

With free installation and delivery when you use our preferred supplier, 3 year at home parts and labour and 10 year motor warranties – there is little to worry about when choosing the Club Pro treadmill.

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