If you’re keen to execute some powerful leg press exercises from home, then check out this Powertec Leg Press review – we’ve got all the info covered and researched.

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Unless you are really into your leg press exercises then you probably wouldn’t be looking to invest in a leg press machine for your home gym setup. But if you are going to take the plunge, then this offering from Powertec is one of the more impressive options. We decided to give it the full Fitness Brain treatment in our comprehensive Powertec Leg Press review.

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Powertec Leg Press Specifications

Like most gym equipment from Powertec, their leg press machine is well thought out and highly spec’d. With a 1000lb weight capacity via a total of 4 weight horns and a bearing driven roller system – the Powertec Leg Press offers plenty of challenge coupled with a smooth and comfortable pressing motion.

In terms of floor space required, the Powertec Leg Press is no bigger or smaller than a standard leg press machine and will take up a similar amount of space as a compact multi gym with a length of just over 200cm and a width of 92.5cm. Total height needed for this is minimal at 138cm which makes it perfect for garage gyms with low ceilings where squat racks might be an issue.

There are safety levers on both sides of the machine that are comfortably located and a low stop position providing more challenging workouts. This machine is made of high quality materials throughout and the high tensile strength plate for your feet is just one area where the Powertec shows its class.

Save 33% On The Powertec Leg Press

First Impressions and Using The Powertec Leg Press

The Powertec Leg Press is a glorious piece of engineering and it really looks the part. If you are looking to achieve that full home gym setup or even use this in a light commercial setting then this leg press machine will really fit the bill. Installation is not overly complex compared to some home gym equipment and two people can have it built within a couple of hours – alternatively you can pay extra for installation. Once set up, you get a sense of the true quality of this machine with its super sturdy frame and comfortably padded seat.

The stop positions can be adjusted and the seat position can also be adjusted making it suitable for a full range of heights. We’d suggest anyone up to 6’4″ would be fine to use the Powertec.

The angle of the pressing action is ideal and you can perform leg press, single leg press, calf press and single calf press exercises comfortably. You can use your existing plates if you have them or order additional plates if required – they fit perfectly on the bending tubed weight horns and as there are four you can enjoy a well balanced press.

The roller system affords an incredibly smooth press and it is all thanks to the bearing driven nylon reinforced wheels. You really can tell the difference when you load up the weight and are pressing heavy loads and this leg press machine would give most commercial leg presses a run for their money in terms of comfort and usability. The bearings are warranty backed for two years with pads and grips having a one year warranty.

The only negative we can put forward is that the safety handles are not as well padded as we would have liked – but this really is being nit-picky.

Save 33% On The Powertec Leg Press

Powertec Leg Press Verdict

The Powertec Leg Press is a beast of a leg press machine that gently purrs under the hood thanks to its state of the art bearing driven roller system. Even when loaded up with a huge weight load this is one of the smoothest leg press machines that comes at an affordable price for home use.

If you are looking for a leg press machine that will stand the test of time and won’t break the bank then this is it.

Save 33% On The Powertec Leg Press