Compression shirts are increasing in popularity amongst gym goers and athletes due to the wide range of benefits they provide. BOXRAW (one of our trusted suppliers) aim to deliver a compression t-shirt in their Saddler range that has all the usual benefits that come with compression, but with the added mobility that a boxer would need.

But that doesn’t limit the BOXRAW Saddler t-shirt to just boxers – as the range of motion needed for a boxer is going to give you plenty of mobility no matter your sport of choice.

The question is, does the Saddler Compression T-Shirt live up to the usual high standard that we have come to expect from this British company, or does it fall short? Find out all you need to know below in our BOXRAW Saddler Compression T-Shirt review.

Why Opt For Compression?

sadler top worn by model

As mentioned, compression apparel is a growing trend right now and there are two key reasons for this. Firstly (and most importantly), there are a whole host of physical benefits that can be enjoyed as a result of wearing compression gear both during and post-workout.

These physical benefits largely revolve around their ability to improve blood and oxygen flow which in turn leads to improved athletic performance. With muscles having increased oxygenation, performance during workouts can be heightened and wearing them post-workout can aid recovery and reduce the build up of lactic acid – helping with the dreaded DOMS.

The second reason they are growing in popularity is the aesthetic benefits they provide.

Anyone with a toned or muscular physique is going to have their muscles on show through a compression top. So we are starting to see more and more people wearing compression t-shirts in particular just in their every day lives.

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About the Saddler Compression T-Shirt

boxraw saddler top front view

Although the Saddler Compression t-shirt will look great during any activity (on a toned body), it is really designed to be used when active. It has been designed with action in mind and anyone taking part in any kind of combat sport or activity that requires fast explosive movements will benefit by the immense amount of thought that has gone in to the design.

We tested the large compression shirt with a 6ft male with a 33 inch waist and 42inch chest. We’d say it’s best to go off the chest measurement when choosing the size and we found that the fit was perfect.

The Saddler t-shirt is made from 85% polyester and 15% spandex and the quality is apparent as soon as you feel the fabric. As you’d expect, the material is thin but is also very smooth, with two side panels that are perforated to provide optimal airflow and breathability – these panels stretch right up to the armpits and to the edge of the sleeve which is ideal for those grueling sessions.

As we have found with all BOXRAW products that we have tested to date, the quality is outstanding. The design is top notch too with a bold yet understated design showing the BOXRAW logo on the front center. This logo is white on the black t-shirt and feels rubbery – but in a high quality kind of way.

The closer you look at the top, the more you appreciate the design and attention to detail that BOXRAW have gone to when making this garment. The rear inner of the collar features a sight padding with BOXRAW detailing etched in. This is both comfortable and eye catching.

saddler top from rear

The fabric uses the term ‘moisture wicking’ to describe it which we tend to see thrown around quite a lot these days. But this top really does do a great job of keeping the moisture at bay. More on that shortly.

Another lovely touch that we see with BOXRAW is the small pack of information cards that comes with each garment. With the Saddler you get all the usual cards showing the product details, but you also get a Sandy Saddler profile card (pictured below) that shows the stats and a short write up about the great boxer himself.

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Using the Saddler Compression T-Shirt

Although I didn’t manage to test this compression top for pure boxing, I did use it for a boxercise class and for two upper body strength workouts – and the quick verdict is that I loved it.

In fact, I loved it so much that it will definitely be a garment of choice for my most intense workouts moving forwards.

saddler from side

The fit is of course extremely snug, and the initial concern was that it was going to be way too warm to wear. I was testing it in summer which didn’t help – but this concern was unfounded as this compression top didn’t cause too much heat to be generated. Yes, it will feel different to your usual baggy t-shirt or vest, but it feels different in a good way.

Even just wearing the top post-workout (which I’m actually doing as I write this), you start to feel the impact. The warmth isn’t coming from the outside, it’s the inside – which to my mind is kind of the top doing its work as it gets the blood moving around the body and the oxygen with it.

During workouts I definitely felt a sense of heightened performance which I attribute to a the compression element of the t-shirt. I also love the way it looks. I’m not the most toned and could definitely lose 2-4% body fat, but the top complemented my physique all the same.

Post workout I felt good. More energised than usual and with a distinct lack of soreness. This is despite me pushing myself much harder during the cardio based boxercise class and having two upper body weight training sessions where I pushed harder and heavier than ever before.

The price of the top is just over £30 and when you compare this to some of the ‘bigger’ brands when it comes to gym wear it is extremely reasonable – when you then consider what this top can give you in terms of performance and recovery – it starts to look like a steal.

saddler cards

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Sometimes when things trend (and especially when it comes to clothing) there is no apparent reason behind it, but then occasionally it is crystal clear why something has taken off. That is clearly the case here.

Compression tops make a huge difference to your performance and recovery – at least they did for us.

The issue with them often is the lack of comfort and the sweatiness that ensues. That’s not the case with the BOXRAW Saddler though – so whether you are a boxer looking for that performance boost or the average gym goer who wants to push themselves and recover well – you can’t go wrong with this purchase.

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