Matt Smith trials this meal prep service for a week and delivers you his full verdict in our Fresh Fitness Food review.

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Written by: Matt Smith

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Meeting your daily macros and eating a well balanced diet can be tough at the best of times. Throw modern day to day life in to the mix and it can be darn near impossible – that is unless you meal prep or opt in to a meal prep delivery service – such as the one I am going to review today from a company called Fresh Fitness Food.

I like to cook. But like many of us, life is busy and I don’t always find the time to prep my meals or cook healthy options on the fly. So meal prep services have become a really great option for me. I’ve tested pretty much all of them – but recently came across Fresh Fitness Food.

They sounded great on the face of it, so I thought I’d test them out – and so I did – and today I can bring you my Fresh Fitness Food review as a result of my testing.

About Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food delivery

Based in London, Fresh Fitness Food started out life delivering just to the capital – however they have now expanded their reach and offer nationwide delivery.

Their entire system is based around offering a personalised nutrition plan. In fact, you can even have a personal consultation prior to placing your first order if you wish, and you can then back that up with on-going consultations if you continue to use their service – ideal for tracking progress and setting new goals.

They have a first class app that is used to control your account, track your food intake and plan your meals. In fact, everything they do is focused around high quality delivery – from their branding to their food and right through to their packaging – everything about Fresh Fitness Food screams high end.

Despite the focus on high quality produce, the costs are reasonable. But we’ve seen this before – a promise of quality, reasonable prices and then the food in reality has been just okay…

So, let’s find out just how good we found the food as we explore one whole day of eating Fresh Fitness Food’s produce in our Fresh Fitness Food review.

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Fresh Fitness Food – How It Works

Although FFF tailors your food prep to your exact needs, they have four general formats that you will fall in to. These are:

  • Lean gains
  • Fat loss
  • General health
  • Build muscle

These largely depend on where you are currently at in terms of your body composition and what goals you have. So for those who are already fairly lean but want to gain a little muscle then the ‘Lean Gains’ package would likely suit best as this is high in protein but still maintains a 10% calorie deficit.

fresh fitness food label

For those looking to reduce fat then the ‘Fat Loss’ package will suit better as this offers a 20% calorie deficit which can be structured around your preferences – e.g. low carb, balanced macros, plant based etc.

The ‘General Health’ plan offers a maintenance level of calories (neither surplus or deficit) and the ‘Build Muscle’ plan provides a 10% surplus and is higher in carbs and protein.

Essentially, whatever your goals and current condition, there will be a plan for you with Fresh Fitness Food.

The meals are prepared fresh the day prior to delivery and they are well balanced in terms of vitamins and minerals and are made with wholefoods where appropriate.

Fresh Fitness Food reviews on Trustpilot are rated as excellent and so I had high expectations when ordering my Lean Gains package.

My Experience With Fresh Fitness Food

I have plenty of experience with planning and tracking my macros and typically I go for a 40:30:30 split between Protein, Carbs and Fats. Where I struggle more though is in getting my macros as well as hitting a good balance in terms of micronutrients.

Fresh Fitness Food took care of all this so I was looking forward to getting started.


breakfast prepped

I took delivery nice and early on the first day it started. I’m not sure if this is typical but my delivery arrived by 8am. So I went straight in for the breakfast which was a vanilla chia seed yogurt with an apple compote. It also had a granola and walnut topping.

The day I tried the food I had hit the gym first thing. So these are usually my hungriest days as my body is playing catch up from the early morning workout all day long.

First of all, I have to say that this was a very tasty breakfast. The compote balanced perfectly with the yogurt and the texture of the oats, seeds and walnuts worked perfectly. Not only did it taste great, it kept me feeling full for hours – not something that always happens on workout days!


brownie snack

I could have kept going until lunch but I decided to try the snack which was a beetroot brownie. This was not a small snack – it was a full sized brownie. So I decided to try half of this.

As the snacks from FFF go, this was not the highest protein – but with 6g of protein and being well balanced in the other macros this felt like a treat without going too far. This was also filling so I opted for eating half mid-morning and the other half in the afternoon.

I know that the afternoons are where I struggle most with craving a sweet snack (you can opt for savoury if you wish), so I knew that saving some for the afternoon would work well for me.

The taste of the brownie was incredible and so was the texture. I would never have know there was beetroot in it if it hadn’t said it on the box. It tasted of rich cocoa and was velvety smooth. Delicious.


dinner from FFF

For lunch I had a Ras El Hanout spiced white fish which had roasted peppers, sweet potato, chickpeas and other veggies. The portion was very generous and it logged in at 742 calories – this is more than I would usually allocate myself, but there was a whopping 51g of protein and the fish was huge!

It really was a good meal and for a lunch you would make the entire office jealous if you had meals of this quality each day.

Again, everything was fresh tasting and it was clear that the fish was fresh and was from a top class supplier.

This was probably my favourite meal of all of them, and left me feeling full until dinner time – although I did manage to squeeze in that extra half of the brownie mid-afternoon.


lunch meal prep

For dinner it was a Beef Larb with shredded cabbage, rice noodles and other leaves and veggies. This came in at 706 calories and had 45g of protein, 63g of carbs and 30g of fat. Again, I couldn’t fault anything from flavour to portion size – it was all delicious.

This left me feeling full all evening and my daily macros looked like this:

Calories: 2400

Protein: 150g

Carbs: 210g

Fat: 107g

The beauty of Fresh Fitness Food is that everything is automatically logged on the app. If you do veer away from the food provided or eat additional snacks then you can also add this as you would on a normal food tracker and it’s really easy to use.

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Use Code FITBRAIN50 To Save £50

Fresh Fitness Food Compared To Other Providers

app for FFF

Having spoken with representatives of Fresh Fitness Food it is clear that they are passionate and committed to providing a real solution to food prep. They use the highest quality suppliers (the likes of high end restaurant suppliers P.J. Martinelli and Browns Seafood) and they offer a sustainable approach to their packaging with most of it being recyclable or re-usable.

When compared to the likes of MunchFit, The Good Prep and Mindful Chef, they come out on top for me. There was not a single meal I didn’t like and the snack and breakfast in particular were far ahead of the competition.

When you then throw in the app and the live consultations with personalised nutrition plans it is hard to suggest there is a better alternative – put simply, there isn’t – and for me, Fresh Fitness Food are lightyears ahead of the rest.


FFF compares well on pricing too. The standard pricing works out to £9 per meal and if you commit to a longer term plan then it works out to as low as £7.66 per meal – which is just stunning value and one of the most cost effective solutions of all the meal providers I’ve used.

You can order extras such as smoothies, snacks and juices if you wish and we have an exclusive £50 discount on your first order when you use the code FITBRAIN50 and access our order page here.


You probably get the idea by now but I love Fresh Fitness Food. For me, there is no better option in terms of value, quality and ease of prep. You can take the meals with you to work and heat them in just 2-3 minutes in a microwave (some can be eaten cold) and from a nutritional point of view there is no comparison.

All in all, if you value the time saving and can’t or don’t want to commit to your own meal prep, then there is no better option than Fresh Fitness First.

Use code FITBRAIN50 to save £50 on your first Fresh Fitness Food order.

Use Code FITBRAIN50 To Save £50